Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This was my second year going to Lifest with my neighbors. It's always so much fun and I absolutely love it.

Hannah and I went on a walk to take pictures when we got there. There were already lots of people there on the first day.

 We bought four-dollar Johnnypops that are worth the four dollars. For real.

Bella was with us for a night! We got lots of fun golfcart rides from our friend Kat.

JJ Heller was one of my favorite singers there. She is so sweet, and her songs are really inspiring.

We didn't have enough people to be in the tournament, but Tyler played dodgeball for an afternoon. Hannah and I went to watch and cheer for him.

Mandisa was another one of my favorites.

Kari and I waiting and waiting for Matthew West.

The girls and I on the way home with Tyler's toby mac hat.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

So much has been happening since my last post in October that I haven't gotten a chance to write it all down. God's blessings in my life have been plentiful, in so many ways, like...

Spending lots of time doing crazy things with this girl. Erin's mom has THE COOLEST dress-up clothes I've ever seen, and these were two of our many outfits. We got Mason to wear a dress, but I'm not allowed to post that picture, apparently.

Going to the youth center. The occasions that Chelsea & I are there at the same time are rare but fun, & talking to her is a blessing.

The girls let me do their hair! It doesn't sound like much, but usually, they don't let ponytails or clips NEAR their heads! We were playing house [pretty much my least favorite game] and I agreed to play only if I could be the hair stylist and own a salon. They said yes, super excitedly. Apparently if it's part of a game, it's more fun. So I made a sign and pretended to be Chelsea, and did everyone's hair.

And skating. Skating, skating, skating. Four-ish days a week. These two became my skating buddies, and we are enjoying our love for skating together.

And these four amazing things are just a few of the blessings from the past couple of months.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Dance

The girls & I played lots of games of Just Dance a couple weeks ago. It must actually be really good exercise because we were all exhausted afterwards. We only have two remotes that work, but everyone else just sort of dances in the back, and give the people that have remotes bunny ears.

Chloe can for real beat me. She did it twice. And I only played against her twice.

Hannah and I are pretty evenly matched though. Someone's doing the wrong move in this picture, and my guess is that it's me.

And here we are swimming. Or something like that. Hannah & I decided that when a Britt Nicole or Toby Mac Just Dance comes out, we're going to buy it and play it every night. And if that doesn't happen, we're going to invent it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


In a few years, we will be saying 'remember this weekend during that summer when...'

...we played badminton for hours on end, while Justin's camper played music we love?

...I got mud thrown in my ear? 

...I had my first paintball war and it lasted 10 minutes?

...the neighbors came camping with us for the whole weekend? Yes I was so excited I took a picture of their camper out the back window while we were driving to the shack.

...and Kari was packing and mowing lawn so this is what we did while we waited to go?

...Pat, Josh, & Justin tried tipping about 8 kids off of Big Bertha?

...Olivia & I jumped off the floatie so much that it lost all its air?

...we took care of the Perkinstowner's kitten?

...we ate too much teddy graham & monster cookie dough dip?

 ...we went to the shack one night a week (at least) to feed the deer & swim with the neighbors?

...it was a Tuesday so we thought no one would be there, but almost everyone was and we had diving contests, played chicken, did handstands, and Chloe went waaayy deep to play in the big tubes?

...Hollie and Tim moved here? 

...we played cups, and my partner was always Josh? 

...we took tons of pictures on Memorial weekend?

...I spent lots of time with this amazing family?

...we did a bunch of photo shoots?

...we went through boxes of graham crackers, packages of chocolate, and bags of marshmallows?

...4th of July was so much fun?

...we clicked our heels while jumping off the dock, and practiced it at home on the trampoline?

...we had a fun day with Lindsey?

...we had a mini family reunion?

...our old friends came camping at the shack with us?

...we had hair pretty days with Erin?

...my neighbors & I bobbed for grapes for the first time? And Hannah was so good at it...and then there was Chloe and I.

...we usually had braided hair?

...we got Tawny & Reno?

...we had so many memories than we won't remember them all with every detail, but we will remember the happiness & love that came with them? I am so blessed to have and thankful for everything that made my summer great: the shack, my 'cousins', my neighbors, etc. I often realized, last summer, that God has filled my life  with all these fun things to do and amazing people (and dogs) to be with, and I am extremely grateful for all of them. Yay God :)

25 Random Things About Me

I saw this idea on someone else's blog. All you do is write 25 random things about yourself. Pointless, but I'm going to do it.

1) My best friends are my neighbors. You've probably already gathered this from the rest of my blog.

2) I think that one piece of rice should be called a rouse. You know, because one of many mice is a mouse. Not many people agree with me on this :)

3) I don't usually enjoy clothes shopping.

4) I love being outside, especially camping at the shack.

5) I like playing games with big groups of people, like rabid raccoon or sardines or ghost in the graveyard or even hide & seek.

6) One of my most favoritest foods is chocolate, like most people. I also love pizza, spaghetti, and cinnamon life cereal with almond milk. :)

7) I am terrible at making decisions.

8) I love going on walks.

9) Some of my favorite names are Abra, Chloe, & Ruthie.

10) I love baking and cooking, especially with Hannah helping me.

11) I like taking pictures, both posed & not posed.

12) My favorite color is green.

13) I have the same birthday as Chloe.

14) My favorite way to jump off the dock into the water is clicking my heels. Hollie gets the credit for this.

15) I don't like wearing shoes. One of the things I love about summer is being barefoot.

16) I'd like to see my extended family more than I do. We could have holiday parties with lots of food and big groups playing games together, if we lived closer.

17) Luckily I know people who are LIKE my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, out at the shack.

18) My favorite holidays are Christmas, Easter, and Memorial Day. I'm also fond of Thanksgiving and Labor Day :)

19) Whenever it's cold outside and I have a sweatshirt on, I always feel like hugging someone. Especially when we're camping, it's early morning and everyone just woke up and is standing around.

20) I think summer vacation should be 6+ months long.

21) I like reading more than watching TV, unless it's Amazing Race, the Olympics, Funniest Home Videos, Full House, or something interesting like those.

22) I love going to church, doing nursery, & helping at VBS & Awana :)

23) I love exploring in the woods, or anywhere really.

24) I am not a fan of staying in hotels.

25) I broke my thumb a couple days before 5th grade, and thankfully that's the only bone I've ever broken.

And I have to post at least one picture I guess, so here's me with my kind-of cousins at the shack, enjoying one of my favorite holidays called Memorial Day.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chocolate Campfires & a Poster

Hannah and I got half an evening to ourselves the other night. We tried to squeeze three things we wanted to do into one hour.

First we made posters. This part Chloe was with us for.

We all had our paint shirts and aprons on :)

Finally we got to use some paints. I see why we usually don't use them though- it was super messy.

Hannah is extra creative.

Chloe made her own little poster. I squeezed the paint out, and she spread it around.

Then Chloe went to her grandma's, and we moved to the kitchen to make chocolate campfires.

[Melt chocolate chips, put spoonfuls on a pan with wax paper. Put a few m&m's on top. They're supposed to be orange, yellow, and red like a campfire, but we use whatever colors we happen to grab.]

[Then you break pretzel sticks in half, and line them up in a pyramid shape like wood on a campfire.]

Allie took our pictures from above.

After we finished that, we put on sweatshirts and jeans and headed to the woods for a 'hike'.

It was a busy night for us :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

THIS is what they do for fun?

Tyler, Hannah, Chloe, and I found a game idea in an old AmericanGirl magazine I have. Here's how it works.

First you get some old t-shirts. It helps if they're a couple sizes too big. And then you get them wet and crumple them up.

Then you put them in the freezer. This is the part where you're probably thinking, 'this is what these kids do for fun? Freeze some t-shirts?'

Just wait. It gets funner. :)

Let the t-shirts get frozen. Once we left them in overnight, and they were hard as rocks when we took them out. It also helps if they have ice clinging to them. 

Then you go outside and try to unthaw them enough that you can put them on.

It's hard to get them unfrozen when you're trying to hurry, and laughing so hard.

Hannah's winning, as usual. She always tries to stick her head in while the head hole is still frozen together. Maybe it helps, because she's always ahead of the rest of us.

Tyler didn't play this time, but his method is smashing the t-shirt  on the ground. I really wouldn't expect him to do it any other way.

Surprise- Hannah won AGAIN!